About Us

The Tech City Fellowship was developed in collaboration between Makers Academy, wearedotdotdot, ProFinda and Student Funder. We came together to address the shortage of tech talent in East London’s Tech City, the largest hub for technology in Europe.

Making Makers

Makers Academy and other cutting edge programmes are training people in software development and other associated skills in a matter of months. These schemes offer exceptional young Londoners direct access to the highest quality training and jobs in Tech City.

But many local young people find it hard to fund their way. The Tech City Fellowship provides loan funding of up to £11,600 per Fellow to pay the £8,000 tuition fees and up to £1,200 per month in living costs for the duration of the course.

Graduating Fellows begin paying their loan back once they have been in a full-time job for 6 months. By then, their salary levels are likely to be significantly higher than before the course, enabling them to pay back the loan. This way, the Fellowship becomes self-sustaining.

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