Makers Academy have successfully graduated over 300 people. Your donations will help us reach those who do not have the same financial advantages, and give them the opportunity to enter the tech world as an MA Alumni.

Simon Legg

16 year old school leaver who ended up selling paint for 7 years

I can code and I'm starting a new job soon, which is exciting and I've doubled my salary!

Alexandra Parkinson

Retail Worker to Junior Developer at Punk Publishing

Makers Academy was really fun, exciting and my first experience in education that I actually enjoyed!

Ruth Earle

Full time Mum to Junior Developer at Mergermarket

Makers Academy is an investment in yourself and to be honest, it’s quite cheap in the long run. It’s about you as a person and you are gaining skills that will be extremely useful for many, many years and when you look at it that way, it's actually a steal.

Mario Gintili

Economics Student to Junior Developer at Show My Homework

Since graduation my life is much better. I have good job prospects with growth opportunities.

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