The Tech City Fellowship

Opening up the World of Tech

Demand for new talent in the tech sector is high. We need more people with the right passion and talent to join the home of tech and fill jobs with starting salaries of £25-£35k. The Fellowship is a loan scheme to fund young Londoners through Makers Academy's coding bootcamp and into work.

The scheme is aimed at non-graduates from London who need support to fund their training. Jobs are guaranteed through our committed hiring partners.

Help us support New Fellows Through The Scheme

Makers Academy is a valid alternative to Higher Education and a direct route to a job in the tech sector. It’s cheaper than University with a guaranteed internship at the end of the course. The Fellowship provides a loan to cover course fees and living expenses. The loan is paid back once Fellows have been in a job for 6 months.

Simon Legg

16 year old school leaver who ended up selling paint for 7 years

Doubled his salary as a Junior Developer at The Financial Times

Alexandra Parkinson

Joined aged 18 with a single A level and only retail worker experience

Now Junior Developer at Punk Publishing

Ruth Earle

Full-time Mum to Junior Developer at Mergermarket

Graduated October 2014

Mario Gintili

Dropped out from university to crowdfund his way into the course

Now promoted software engineer at ShowMyHomework

Will Bartlett

Joined aged 19 not wanting to go to university

Now Functional Programmer at Springer

Supported by a great network of

hiring partners

As part of the Tech City Fellowship offering is an extensive network of Hiring Partners ready to hire Fellows after the 12 week course.

Why Donate?

You can enable talented local people to access the Makers Academy programme – Europe’s leading intensive coding bootcamp. The course is 12 weeks long, intensive, focused learning. Once they graduate, Fellows begin a 3-month internship with one of the Fellowship’s Hiring Partners.

Over 90% of Makers graduates go into full-time work, the majority of them into software development. The average starting salary is £32k.

Your donation will help a new Fellow to access the scheme and enter a life-changing programme. Fellows will typically double their salary by participating in the scheme, and significantly improve their career prospects. You will help bring highly sought after new talent into the sector and help to diversify London’s tech community.

Sponsorship Levels

Donation Purpose Recognition
£1-£8,000 Running Costs Name Check
£2,000 1/4 of a Fellow Bronze
£4,000 1/2 of a Fellow Silver
£8,000 A full Fellow Gold
£8,000+ Investment in Fellowship pot Investor
I love the idea of this programme and wanted to help support it immediately. I was lucky enough to have had some great mentors when I was at the beginning of my career. It changed what I believed could be possible and gave me access to experience and training that I still rely on today – I am proud for Kommol for offering similar opportunities to others. It is incredibly important to support up-coming generations - we have so much great potential in the UK and so much demand for relevant talent – this programme unlocks that potential, builds businesses and changes lives.


As a search firm in the tech start-up scene we wanted to collaborate and support the Fellowship because we know first-hand how serious the squeeze on talent is. The funds the fellowship requires are small compared to the high cost of search and relocation of non-local talent, so funding the Fellowship is an investment for a company, not a cost. We’ve made one of the first donations to increase the talent pool on which our business depends, a win-win scenario from our perspective!


Wall of Donors

The Tech City Fellowship would never exist without the funding provided by major donors and companies. Here's the non-extensive list of those that have made it possible:

StudentFunder AAG Foundation Talent -->

Donate Here

A donation of £8k will finance 1 Fellow though the course. A donation of £4k will fund half a Fellow, and £2k a quarter. All other donations will fund recruitment and management costs. Donations of any size are welcome.

If you are an investor, you can contribute major funds into the investment pot. This money will finance as many loans as we have funding for. As students repay their loans, the pot will replenish. The social return on investment will be considerable. To discuss making an investment, contact