Case Study

Ruth Earle

Full time Mum to Junior Developer at Mergermarket

Makers Academy is an investment in yourself and to be honest, it’s quite cheap in the long run. It’s about you as a person and you are gaining skills that will be extremely useful for many, many years and when you look at it that way, it's actually a steal.

What were you doing before joining Makers Academy?

I was a full time Mum for 7 years and before that I had my own franchise business.

What made you want to start learning to code in the first place?

I've always loved tech and I was curious about code. A friend of mine said I should consider doing it as a career.

How did you come across Makers Academy and what made you decide to apply?

I came across Makers Academy through a bootcamp review website. I was deciding between Makers and GA. GA felt too international and a numbers game. Makers on the other hand felt non-salesy and genuine and I liked that.

What did you find difficult during the course?

I had a lot of guilt as my mind was on the course so much that I didn't get to spend much quality time with my children, and any spare time I had I spent it coding. I also had to keep pushing through the times where I felt so stupid.

What happened during/after graduation and where are you job-wise?

I carried on working on my code. Merger Market was my 7th interview. It was difficult as I wanted to always do more and being a Mum I chose to spend more time with the kids, and that slowed my progress. I also needed to build my confidence. So it took a while. I had a lot of disappointing interviews, I'd give myself a few days and go back to coding and I kept attending Makers and got lots of support which is very special.

How has your life changed since graduation?

I feel much more confident. I'm more confident as a developer and I got a job! My family is just so proud of me.

What advice would you give to people thinking of changing career?

That everything you do is a risk. Life is full of risks and this is no different. This industry is not going anywhere and it is recession proof. Job wise you will be able to get a job at the end of the day, and if you love code there is no reason not too.

What would you say to people who say £8,000 is very expensive?

It's an investment in yourself and to be honest, it's quite cheap in the long run. It's not about the cash but it's also about you as a person and you are gaining a skill that will be useful for atleast another 40 or so years. It's a bargain.

What was your biggest worry before joining Makers Academy and how do you feel about it now?

My biggest worry was I wouldn't get a job and up until last week that is how I felt, but I got a job! I was also worried if I was too old to change careers, and yes it took a long time, but I got a job and no I was not too old. I kept at it and got lots of encouragement from the Makers Academy team.

Sum up your Makers Academy experience

Probably the best experience of my life!

What advice would you give to people interviewing for developer roles?

Be comfortable in people seeing your code. Test Drive your code and be yourself. One of my friends Dave from my cohort said "Just relax and remember how much you love coding.

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